We are proud of the high levels of attendance in our school.

2015/2016 – 96.1%

2014/2015 – 96.47

 Help us to reach our target of 97.0% in 2016 /2017 by making doctors/dentist appointments outside of the school day, and not taking holidays during term time.

In line with government regulations, the school is not allowed to authorise any holidays during term time unless under exceptional circumstances.

Each half-term, the class with highest attendance wins £50.00. The children vote on how they should spend their money. Previous class winners have dressed up as superheroes, visited a soft play venue, had a tea party in class and enjoyed a picnic in the park.

Last half term, Class 7 (Mr Jefferies’ class) won the prize for the highest attendance.  They visited Toby Carvery in Darlington where they took part in the ‘Chef School’, which involved learning about the importance of  healthy eating, having a balanced diet and also played some fun games involving food.

Class 7 at Toby Carvery Chef School

Summer 2016

Celebration of 100% Attendance

Children who achieved 100% attendance from September 2016 to December 2016 were rewarded to lunch out with the Headteacher.  They enjoyed a delicious carvery at Toby Carvery in Darlington.

Easter 2016

Celebration of 100% Attendance.

We had a visit from ‘Silly Steve’ of Wow Entertainments who entertained the children with an afternoon of party games, balloon modelling and finishing off with a disco. Great fun was had.

Christmas 2015

Celebration of 100% Attendance

Children with 100% attendance from September 2015 to December 2015, dined at a special Christmas table for their school Christmas lunch.  The table was decorated with Christmas cloths, crackers, streamers and Christmas chocolates.