Curriculum Enrichment

Curriculum Enrichment

At Firthmoor Primary we offer a wide range of experiences and challenges that enrich our curriculum through well chosen visits, workshops and topic related days.  This is to ensure that our pupils are inspired to learn outside of the classroom and provide children with first-hand, memorable experiences, invaluable to their learning.

To support and extend our learners’ experiences, we:

  • plan a wide range of activities that enrich the curriculum
  • plan visits to museums, galleries, places of worships and other venues of historical, cultural or educational interest
  • encourage children to take part in local sporting events and competitions
  • celebrate the skills and talents of our children within special assemblies and events
  • invite visitors into the school to share their knowledge, experiences and expertise
  • arrange special workshops on-site, such as graffiti art, gardening projects, cooking and food preparation workshops
  • provide opportunities to see, and participate in, performing arts, both within school or at external locations
  • offer learning opportunities and events before and after school
  • use the local environment as a resource

In addition to our Out of School clubs, our enrichment activities have included:

September 2018

Years 1/2 – Saltburn visit

Years 3/4/5 – Teesmouth visit

Years 5/6 – Whitby visit

RNLI assembly visit

October 2018

Years 4/5/6 girls – visit to Durham for ‘Famous Women in History’ presentation by Kate Pankhurst

Year 3 – Warburtons healthy eating visit

Years 3/4 – Teesmouth visit

Fire Safety assembly visit

November 2018

Year 6 – Safer Futures Live event

Reception to Year 6 – Information sessions from dentist

December 2018

Year 2 – Visit to St John’s Church – A Christmas Journey

February 2019

Nursery/Reception – Farm Bus to visit school

Reception – Visit to Bowes Museum for ‘Paint One Picture’ project

Years 3/4 – Visit to Preston Park for Lucy Pittaway art exhibition

Years 3/4/5/6 – Artists to visit Crown Street Library to paint reading benches

March 2019

Year 5 Boys’ Writing Club visit to Middlesbrough Football Club for Healthy Eating/Lifestyle workshops

Year 1&2 visit to Centre for Life in Newcastle for Scienceworkshops

Year 5 Boys’ Writing Club visit to GoClimb in Billingham

April 2019

Year 5 Residential visit to Kingswood Activity Centre