New technologies have become an integral part of the lives of children and young people both within and outside of school. Using the Internet is now an everyday occurrence for most children and adults and is seen as an essential resource to support teaching and learning. Unfortunately, the increased use of technology at school and home also exposes children to a number of risks and dangers.

In school, we discuss internet safety as part of our curriculum which includes internet safety weeks, discussions with pupils’ about how to keep themselves safe and the dangers they may face when using various devices including, PC’s, mobile phones, tablets and games consoles. The internet access within school is designed expressly for pupil use and includes Smoothwall filtering to ensure access is appropriate to the age of the pupils. Pupils are taught what internet use is acceptable and given clear objectives for its use.

eSafety involves the whole school community, including pupils, staff, governors and parents, to create and maintain a safe online and computing environment for our school by making the best use of technology, information, training and policies.

To access our eSafety policy, please click here: Online Safety and ICT Policy

Two of our year 6 pupils created these powerpoint slides to tell children about eSafety

eSafety  (Chloe – Y6)

Keeping Safe  (Hannah-May Y6)


Here are some simple rules for keeping safe online:

Zip it, block it, flag it

Zip it– keep your personal information private and think about what you say and do online

Block it– block people who send you nasty messages and don’t open unknown links and attachments

Flag it– flag up with someone you trust if anything upsets you or if someone asks to meet you offline

Stay Safe Online

The following links can help keep children safe online.

thinkuknow  NSPCC           Supporting young people online   Childline