Name Position Term of office Area of Responsibility
Start Expire
Mrs Ann Dixon Headteacher 05/2012
Mr Bill Paton Member / Chair 07/2018 07/2022 Computing, Online Safety, Website reviews and Health and Safety
Mrs Victoria Pace Vice Chair / Member appointed 05/2016 05/2020 Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
Mrs Patricia Irving Member appointed 05/2016 05/2020 Pupil Premium, SEND and PLAC/LAC
Mrs Valerie Johnston Member appointed 07/2016  07/2020 PE and Sport Premium
Mrs Julie Jefferies Member appointed 02/2019 02/2023 Literacy
Mr David Owen Parent Governor 06/2017 06/2021 Maths and Science
Mrs Jane Newbery Parent Governor 09/2017 09/2021 Humanities and RE
Mr Nicholas Westmoreland Parent Governor 10/2019 10/2023
Miss Jannette Brooks Company Secretary / Business Manager 05/2012
Mrs Kerami Roberts Member 11/2017
Mrs Karen Hall Member 11/2017
Mrs Yvonne Oakes Member 11/2018


Meeting Schedule 2019/2020

Thursday 17th October 2019
Curriculum and Standards

Thursday 28th November 2019
AGM / Finance and General Purposes

Thursday 13th February 2020
Curriculum and Standards

Thursday 26th March 2020
Finance and General Purposes Meeting

Thursday 2nd July 2020
Governing Body General Meeting

Governing Body Membership

Governing Body Meeting Attendance 18-19

Governing Body Meeting attendance 19-20

Firthmoor Academy Performance and Comparison Data

Declaration of Business and Financial Interests

Name Position Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date Interest began Date interest ceased
Mrs Ann Dixon Headteacher None
Mrs Victoria Pace

Member appointed

Vice Chair

Primary Language Solutions Director / Owner Primary Languages / Education Jan 2010 Ongoing
Mrs Patricia Irving Member appointed None
Mrs Valerie Johnston  Member appointed Healthwatch Darlington

Tees Valley Rural Action







April 2019


April 2019

Mr Bill Paton Chair

Member appointed

Mrs Julie Jefferies Member appointed None
Mr David Owen Parent Governor None
 Mrs Jayne Newbery  Parent Governor  None
 Mr Nicholas Westmoreland  Parent Governor  None
Mrs Karen Hall Member None
Mrs Kerami Roberts Member Hullabaloo Theatre/Charity Trustee Jan 2020
Mrs Yvonne Oakes Member None
Miss Jannette Brooks Company Secretary / Business Manager None