Curriculum Overview

The curriculum in our school is designed to provide a range of resources and educational opportunities which promote learning, personal growth and development.

Medium Term Plans

Reception – Autumn 2019


Year 1 – 2019/2020

Year 2 – 2019/2020


Year 3 – 2019/2020

Year 4 – 2019/2020

Year 5 – 2019/2020

Year 6 – 2019/2020

Computing Overview


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British Values
The teaching of British Values is a key focus throughout school.  It is taught explicitly through PSHE, weekly assemblies and through a range of different topic areas within each year group. We link British Values with local, national and international news items.

The main themes are;

  • Democracy
  • Rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of others

Promoting British Values

Whole School Assembly Themes 2019/2020

Autumn 1

Parables and Morals

Autumn 2

Staying Safe

Spring 1

Bible Stories

Spring 2

Stories from other cultures

Summer 1

Famous British people

Summer 2

Famous people from around the world