Week Commencing Monday 30th March

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Bowes Museum Visit

January 2019 to June 2019

After our visit to The Bowes Museum in February, the Reception children at Firthmoor Primary chose to represent their ideas about the Alexander van Bredael painting through drawing and building houses.

We looked at different houses and everyone drew their own house. We then looked at the different colours found in the brickwork when we compared photographs of houses.

We chose to represent the brickwork through printing. We used binca and paint to create the effect we wanted. Once the printing was complete, everyone chose materials with different textures and colours to create a house based loosely on their individual experiences of home.

On 23rd June our finished work was displayed at The Bowes Museum and all parents of Reception children were invited to attend with a complementary ticket provided by the museum.  Our work was beautifully presented and some children were spotted having a look at their creations and enjoying a lovely day out.