School Closure Procedure

On occasion it is necessary to close the whole or part of the school for emergency or unplanned events. The school will endeavour to keep the school open and operating as normal, however circumstances may require the school to close for the safety of children and staff.

In the unlikely event of a school closure the school will inform Darlington Borough Council who will add all the necessary notices to their website and local radio stations.

Further information will be available on the school website, social media and/ or announcements on the local radio stations:

  • Capital
  • BBC Tees
  • TFM

In adverse weather conditions, if the school remains open but the road conditions are difficult, parents should ring the school to advise that they are likely to be late. If parents assume that the school is closed, but it is actually open, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised unless the Headteacher is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances.

In the event of adverse weather conditions happening during the school day, the Headteacher will decide whether it is necessary to close the school early. The School Office will contact parents and ask that they pick their child/children up from school as soon as possible.

If a parent contacts the school requesting to collect their child early due to the weather, and the decision has not been made to close the school, these requests will be considered on an individual basis by the Headteacher.

Our first priority will always be to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of pupils, staff, parents and families.