School forms

Please complete the required forms and return to school for ordering/authorisation.  Thank you.

Change of Address/Personal Details Form

Holidays in term time must be requested in advance and will only be authorised if there are exceptional circumstances. Please be aware that you can be fined for taking your child on holiday during term time without the school’s permission

Leave of Absence form

Occasionally we may take photographs and videos of the children at school.  We use these images as part of our school displays, on our website, the school’s official social media sites and for printed publications within the local media to promote activities that the children are involved in.  All parents are required to have completed a consent form for their child’s image to be diplayed and used for purposes to promote the school.  Completed forms are kept centrally in the school office and parents may, in writing,  withdraw consent at any time

Parental Consent Form

Our school receives funding from the Government to cover the costs of providing education.  Some of this funding is known as Pupil Premium for pupils whose families receive certain benefits. To help access this funding for your child we can do a very quick eligibility check via Durham County Council.

We ask that all parents complete this form, regardless of circumstances, as this is the only information we require to complete the checks for the whole time your child is in school. Please note that you will need to resubmit the information of your surname changes.  Please be assured that the information you provide is confidential and will be treat with the strictest confidence and safe keeping.

FSM Verification Check Form