Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education (PE) at Firthmoor Primary

Physical activity promotes emotional well-being and good health, setting the foundations for good habits into adulthood.  Children participate in 2 hours of PE per week, both inside and outside.

PE lessons are taught by class teachers and specialist coaches, covering ball games, athletics and dance.  During their time in KS2, children will also attend the Dolphin Centre for weekly swimming lessons, covering the basics of the 4 strokes and personal safety in the water.

Children are provided with various opportunities to join clubs and represent the school at sports festivals and competitive events.  We are affiliated to the Darlington Schools Sports Partnership (DSSP).

The school benefits from extensive sporting facilities, including a large playground and playing field with athletics track and a variety of keep-fit stations.  Pupils are also able to access the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) for PE lessons and leisure time during breaks.

Play equipment chosen by the School Council is available on the yard during breaks. This includes; space hoppers, stilts, balls and skipping ropes. A recent addition to the school amenities is the ‘red mile’ track.  Each class completes several laps at least 3 times per week.

To further support our ’30 active minutes’ agenda, children partake in personal challenges and fun exercises at times during the school day.

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Here are some ideas for Physical activities at home