School Buddies

Meet our School Buddies


We have a school buddy system which has been running for a number of years and it is a great success. The children volunteer their time to help in key areas around the school. Some of their duties include helping in both the Nursery and Reception, playing games and supporting our younger pupils and offer help with drinks and cutlery during lunchtime. Buddies organise and lead popular games or activities on the playground and encourage children to get involved and are a great support to the younger children during their first years in school.

Here’s what some of our buddies said about what they enjoy about being a School Buddy

“I like doing duty and helping others” – Shaney

“I like to help the younger children” – Tyce

“I love everything about being a Buddy, especially helping out in the Nursery garden” – Lillie

“I like to help others when they hurt themselves on the yard and to get them to a First Aider” – Kaisha

“I enjoy tidying the Nursery garden and helping the younger children to pick up the toys” – Joanie