Religious Education

Religious Education at Firthmoor Primary School

At Firthmoor Primary School, we follow the Durham syllabus for Religious Education which enhances the broad and balanced education of our children.

The syllabus provides pupils with the opportunity to explore the concept of ‘belief’ for a range of faiths.  Although most units within each year of study focus on aspects of Christianity, children also learn about Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism.  We encourage children to develop tolerance and understanding of those who may have different beliefs from our own.

Key stage and whole school assemblies provide opportunities to reflect, sing hymns and participate in prayer.  In the lead up to Christmas and Easter, each year group is presented with a specific question to investigate before feeding back at a final assembly.

Visits to local places of worship and visitors from a range of faiths are arranged to enhance pupil understanding of the local and wider community.

The Study of Christmas

December 2019

All year groups study an aspect of the Christmas story during Advent.

Our Early Years children performed their version of the Nativity (The Tip-Toe Nativity) beautifully.  Parents were entertained with outstanding singing from our youngest children as they retold the story of the birth of Jesus.  Well done to you all!

Early Years Nativity Performance

Visit to St. John’s Church

October 2019

Year 1 children visited St John’s Church in Darlington recently, where Vicar Sue taught them all about the church building and the furniture inside.  The children were fascinated by lots of the artefacts in the church – they were amazed by the size of the church organ, which towered over them, and they loved being allowed into the pulpit.  They learned that the church ceiling looked like the bottom of Noah’s Ark, and they knelt at the altar to be taught about the tabernacle.  They even sat where the church choir does each Sunday and saw the font where a baby would be Christened.