Year 4 ‘Survival Day’

On Monday 23rd June, class 8 were challenged to a ‘Survival Day’! All 29 children innocently boarded the coach which suddenly dropped them off at the entrance to Burn Wood. Rachel, the instructor, met the children there and they trekked further into the woods, where their adventure began…

The children absolutely shone with their survival skills! They created shelters out of natural materials and these were later tested for water proofing! Lighting fires was also mastered by the children but not by using matches! No, they used cotton wool and a striker. This was useful ready for the hot chocolate making and marshmallow toasting which came later. Before these forest treats, the children had to complete a scavenger hunt – solving mathematical clues which led to supplies. Some children used potato peelers during their day, but not for potatoes! They learnt how to ‘whittle’ sticks into sharp knives.

The coach finally pulled up to take the exhausted but delighted children home to a well-earned rest. As their class teacher, I can honestly say I have never seen such expertise and dedication in a class of children – they well and truly SURVIVED!